That ocean 

Becoming water we might join

That ocean of lovers that have been and are yet to come

Tangle your hands in my hair

Press your mouth on my heart

Hold me like you did one thousand years ago

When the world was younger and we first came apart


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Saturday Morning: Heal

Originally posted on Live & Learn:

You will burn
and you will burn out;
you will be healed
and come back again.

~ Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

Quote: Mme Scherzo. Image: Trevillion Images (@ Katerina Lomonosov) via Distantpassion

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You see I made this garden just for us

All the bees and flowers and the weedy grass

The mossy corners and the unravelling fern

The secret bulbs and the abandoned nests

Those hundred flowers blooming in my footsteps

And every tiny leaf that grew under my  hand

I planted all those seeds for you

Before you even stepped upon the land

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lifted veil

As dawn arrives this lifted veil

Leaves a fume of sunlight in its trail

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 ‘An eskimo showed me movie 

He’d recently taken of you

The poor man could hardly stop shivering

His lips and his fingers were blue’

– leonard cohen 

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In midwinter here there is no snow

There is the humming of bees and a honeysuckle scent

Most of the trees hold their leaves

It stays moist and green all through

Already the birds have tangled, nesting thoughts

And new shoots are displacing the earth

The little creatures cannot die of the cold

When the spring has already emerged

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When I have forgotten how to rest

Lay me down and rest your head upon my breast

And let me watch you through the smallest hours

Let my tears be like a rain of flowers

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sea swimming

  This sea flood is warm as blood
It binds and looses me.

In this entanglement let me ride

Let me slip slowly to the other side

Where all is you, and you are me

Where you watch me glide gently through this warming sea.

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Basking in this unexpected still

This miracle of nothing much

Wondering if my peace has returned to me

After a long journey on a fathomless sea

I have weathered endless storms

And all I held familiar turned to unfamiliar forms

The tiny craft of my body awash in those mountainous waves

Only to find that all along

I was their queen

And they my slaves

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Sometimes I’m afraid when I shatter into ice floes

Forgetting the green, peaceful sea below

This avalanche above

Is sunk in the blue


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