From the dreams of more than a decade I am divorced

I have declared war on the innocent surprised

Cut off my steady right hand

And sent proclamations across the land.

I have tremored and bled and given away my hope

Been undead, released and broke.

Yet I have clothed my child in love.

My useless body clothed in love and nothing more.

This love that has torn away my hood.

So now I see the world in full relief.

All the terror, glory, light and grief.

You see the north wind blew a man to me.

And my fate was shaped that day he crossed the sea.

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Your words are my hearth

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min sol og måne

the moon is a scythe that cuts all bonds

the sun warms even the soles of my feet

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the wind

After the storm a gentle wind that blows the lost ships home again. 

photo by hans jahr

photo by Hans-Jørgen Jahr @pileoftrees 

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‘I should like to lie still

As if I was dead – but feeling

Her hand go stealing

Over my face and my hair until

This ache was shed’

– DH Lawrence

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this love

This love impales me through and through

With the sweet sadness of one day losing you

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my winter garden

Late winter | her coronet weedshttps://hercoronetweeds.wordpress.com/2015/08/17/late-winter/

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That ocean 

Becoming water we might join

That ocean of lovers that have been and are yet to come

Tangle your hands in my hair

Press your mouth on my heart

Hold me like you did one thousand years ago

When the world was younger and we first came apart


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Saturday Morning: Heal

Originally posted on Live & Learn:

You will burn
and you will burn out;
you will be healed
and come back again.

~ Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

Quote: Mme Scherzo. Image: Trevillion Images (@ Katerina Lomonosov) via Distantpassion

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You see I made this garden just for us

All the bees and flowers and the weedy grass

The mossy corners and the unravelling fern

The secret bulbs and the abandoned nests

Those hundred flowers blooming in my footsteps

And every tiny leaf that grew under my  hand

I planted all those seeds for you

Before you even stepped upon the land

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