Ophelia is based in Victoria, Australia. She writes speculative fiction (fantasy and supernatural themes). She works as a freelance editor and researcher and also spends her time drawing and riding horses.

Professional Background

Ophelia’s love of writing and story-telling has encouraged her to study in a range of areas.  In 2007 Ophelia completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Editing and Communications.  In 2004 she completed her Masters by Research on the topic of Violence and Imperium in Livy’s First Pentad. Later that year, she received a mentorship for Young and Emerging Authors from the Australian Society of Authors (Australia Council funded) and was lucky enough to work with the wonderful story-teller, Sophie Masson.


17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ophelia,

    I came across your site when looking for recent tools to manage writing novels in a serialised form via a blog. It has been several years since I looked at these tools and was curious to know which version of Word Press you were using.

    However, when I noticed that you were also located in Melbourne, I thought I would go the extra mile and actually make contact.

    Now that you have used WordPress to write/publish Indigo, would you use it again?

    Look forward to reading your work.


    • I would continue to use it for free fiction – but I wouldn’t say it has much in the way of tech for serial writing. I just have the free version of WordPress. As you can see I was very low tech and just put up a new pdf each week on the one page – then blogged, tweeted and facebooked everyone to let them know. At first, I started to research other options, then realised I was procrastinating about going public with the actual story! Let me know when you put up your writing – I’m very interested to read other serial bloggers. I’m going to try Smashwords for the next instalment (but will miss the prettiness of the pdf).


  2. I wanted to write to your April 16 post but the net nannies all went berserk because of the content of your blog. Sol Stein writes about this in “On Writing”. He said (assuming aside from erotica) people don’t really care about the mechanics of sex when they read. It’s not about being prudent, which it has the tendency to be, but it doesn’t make for enjoyable reading. One of the examples he gives is where the chapter builds up to it, then the girl looks at the two boys and says, “which one of you is first?” That’s the end of the chapter. Of course I can’t find the example to tell you what book Stein is citing but it’s in there somewhere 🙂


    • It’s a fine line between frustrating the reader by being too reticent, or making them think – wow, that was too much information. Eww.


  3. I just discovered your site because I was googling “fiction blog” to see if people did such things and everything about you has blown me away. Your inspirational posts, the fact that you actually succeeded at writing a book using WordPress of all things, that you’ve been doing this for so long… so I’ve downloaded Indigo and I just wanted to thank you for giving me hope.


    • That must officially be my sweetest comment. Thank you for taking the time to read Indigo! Best wishes with your own work


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  5. I like it that your ‘About’ is in the third person, I’m strange like that. Melbourne has been good to writers over the years. Be well, be happy and DFTBA. Terry.


    • It’s funny because I have an ‘about’ elsewhere that says how I hate ‘about’s in the third person


    • I’ve been called a tawny blonde as a teenager, that recent red is largely fictitious (chemical). My little boy is a definite light redhead though – so there are some celtic genes leaping out there


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