I wonder when this body will be finished trembling 

Slough off its autumn scales

Be done remembering

With its dumb animal memories

That play over my skin with insistent force

Like a fox lying boneless on the earth

Jolting with electric insistence

That the trap is still closed on its delicate foot

A fox that is free from that steely mouth

Yet is caught by spasmodic memories

That twitch it and turn liquid

What once seemed solid ground

So it cannot yet stand

When will this body be freed to shake off

All the glassy drops of fallen rain

To turn a sharp eye to the forest paths

And glide soundlessly home

Under soundless stars

To tune each nerve ending to gentler reverberation

To heal the flesh of this constant laceration

When will this trembling be done with me

When will I be healed, boneknit 

and free


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