in the beginning

perhaps in the beginning he was a tree and he had his roots down deep and she twined herself around him delicately, seeking the sun

or perhaps he was some wild thing with luminous eyes, come out of the cold to curl around her feet

perhaps it was different every time

sometimes she tore empires down to reach him

sometimes he was a soldier and he fought for her and died

sometimes she stripped off an adornment at each door of the underworld, until she had nothing left to give, and brought him back to the light

sometimes she was burned at the stake for believing in him

sometimes he wrote her a sad poem and sent it across the sea

sometimes she took on a new form and he could hardly recognise her

sometimes she went walking on her own and lost her way

sometimes they lived a simple life with their children

sometimes the lines of their wills crossed and sparked

sometimes he was in a dark place and she came in a dream to comfort him

sometimes he carried her out of the drowning waters

sometimes he was a stranger and she loved him so secretly she did not even know it

it was different every time

but you can be sure

that every time

they knew each other


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