You cut through this numbing snow that bewildered my feetYour sea eyes are scissors that slit and cut away all that is low,

Anything less high than what is highest

Must be cut right away, must completely go.

Your unsteady hands were merciless and true 

in cutting through, what my knowledge of the most complex knots could not undo.

That crooked door you led me to, was what was most straight

That impossible wall to climb, an open gate.

Back when I held myself together with safety pins,

Never knowing the clear haven that danger brings,

Back when I pricked my heart and hooked my flesh

To fasten my imaginary wedding dress.

And then you cut away the snowdrifts at my feet

Kneeling against that invisible sleet

That storm that shook all the snow away,

Threatening night but bringing us a perfect day.


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