sea song

You are an ocean to me,

Wide and fathomless as the ancient sea,

When you clasp and turn me in your arms,

I am both drowning and safe from harm.

I breathe in the brine,

I mirror you in every flashing scale,

From my necklace of dead men’s ivory,

To the tip of my silver-shadowed tail.

I read every change of current and pull of tide,

Though I am dumb to the source

Of your subtle turns.

I unfurl my net of shining hair,

And let my songs go, half sung to the foaming air.

Every note that I sing of love rings true,

And every ship that I wreck, I devote to you.

But when you are tired of broken ships,

I will learn to read your hidden rips,

I will learn your stillness and your undertow,

I will sing the language of your ebb and flow.


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