warrior woman

I imagine myself as some kind of warrior woman,

Immune to your castles in the air,

I armour myself with shining steel,

Just to walk into my kitchen,

And yet I feel that nothing is mine anymore,

And you stand between the world and me.

But that was before. Not now.

Sometimes my heart is confused.

A cold imprisonment like dark water.

Creeps up into my spirit.

I lose my way.

But that was before.

When I armed myself, cold-shining, each day.

When I let slip fragments of my soul, to keep me safe.

That was before. Before my tribe, my power, my guides, found me.

That was when I hid my hair with a metal helm

That was when a dark dog came to me in my dreams. 

That was when I closed my ears, blinded myself,

And set forth upon the sea.

But then one day I took off my armour.

I walked away.

And I was free.


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