a snake and a rabbit

I dreamed I held a book beneath each hand,

From which a snake and rabbit formed.

The snake wound all about my arm,

While the rabbit warmed my palm,

With its tiny heartbeat and its feather fur,

Fragile and soft as a whispered word.

And all this time I warned the snake,

Not to swallow that tiny life.

I pulled the rabbit from the snake’s glistening throat,

Pressed my warning finger to his blunt reptilian lips.

He coiled a sinuous crown about my head,

Loyal and attentive to each word I’d said.

I walked through a forest that led back to my room,

And as I walked I pushed that rabbit into my heart,

Let the snake writhe deep into my spine,

Then filled up with pure light, 

I wept with joy that I was theirs, and they were mine.


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