Dear Facebook

breastfeeding mother

Dear Facebook,

Would you like a medal for finally acknowledging that photos of women nursing their babies do not constitute ‘obscene content’? Maybe just a small, ticker-tape parade? How long have you been deleting these photos and enforcing this bizarre policy? Too long for us to give you much of anything, except an exasperated eye roll and an, ‘at freaking last’. I hated hearing friends saying they stopped breastfeeding early because they felt self-conscious about the looks they got, or they didn’t know what to wear, which is pretty much code for the same thing. Women have many excellent reasons for stopping breastfeeding, but social stigma should not be one of them, and one of the ways to erode this stigma is to allow these images to flourish.

My personal blog policy on breastfeeding is, if you don’t like it, maybe you should put a blanket over your own head. Or unfollow me.



2 thoughts on “Dear Facebook

  1. Some people need to wake-up. I was station in different parts of the world. Breastfeeding is just a part of life. Look away. You support to anyway. That is called good matters.


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