The loveliest moon

So, I spent a decent portion of my degree on romantic poetry and Shakespeare – and I won’t regret it! Attending to beauty is what they taught. Not always on an epic scale, but in nature. Remember to look at the sky and take a breath and be overwhelmed.

woman holding the moon

‘…from opening clouds, I saw emerge

The loveliest moon, that ever silver’d o’er

A shell for Neptune’s goblet: she did soar

So passionately bright, my dazzled soul

Commingling with her argent spheres did roll

Through clear and cloudy, even when she went

At last into a dark and vapoury tent—

Whereat, methought, the lidless-eyed train

Of planets all were in the blue again.’

– Keats, Endymion

image by Thomas Dodd – who will mystify your photos for you, on request, as well as making his own wonderful creations. We all like to be mystified sometimes…


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