when children’s books are for grown-ups too: northern lights

I so look forward to my boy being able to read those wonderful stories that are for grown-ups and children too. We will read them together and I will learn as much from them as he will.


Lyra: ‘You en’t afraid, are you?’
Iorek: ‘Not yet. When I am, I shall master the fear.’

John Fa: “I don’t know what to offer you, lorek Byrnison. If gold is desirable to you, we have gold.”

Iorek: “No good […] I stay here and drink spirits because the men here took my armour away, and without that, I can hunt seals but I can’t go to war; and I am an armoured bear; war is the sea I swim in and the air I breathe. The men of this town gave me spirits and let me drink till I was asleep, and then they took my armour away from me. If I knew where they keep it, I would tear down the town to get it back. If you want my service, the price is this: get me back my armour. Do that, and I shall serve you in your campaign, either until I am dead or until you have a victory. The price is my armour. I want it back, and then I shall never need spirits again.”

– Phillip Pullman, Northern Lights (His Dark Materials) illustrated by Peter Bailey


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