A very thoughtful and beautiful blog from my husband, reminding us that our dark moments are important parts of our lives, to be honoured and not ashamed of, and that struggle leads us to understanding.

Beyond the Call

Everest has occupied a special place in my mind since I was a young child. I think it started when I heard a friend of ours talking about going to make a film on the infamous K2. I was also fascinated by those other explorers, like Scott and Amundsen racing to the South Pole, or Sir Francis Drake’s circumnavigation of the globe. But Everest stuck. For a long time actually climbing it was a serious goal and trekking to Base Camp was the first thing I did when I left Art School back in 1994. Climbing wasn’t an option. It was more of a pilgrimage, but I was also a young guy looking for some answers and the Himalayas have a long tradition of welcoming wandering souls. 

Image After my Everest trek in early 1994

Part of the allure I think was the very special nature of these endeavours. These were…

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