‘Art can help us identify what is central to ourselves, but hard to put into words. Much that is human is not readily available in language. We can hold up art objects and say, confusedly, but importantly, ‘This is me.’ – Alain de Botton

What amazes me about the internet is the richness of imagery. So many little moments of communication as image not word. Horrid banal humour, things we wish we have but will never get, our worst selves our best selves, a meme for everything, or make your own. Ugliness and beauty, and all of it, communication through pictures. A thousand ambiguous words about what we are. The desire to say: this is me. Know me and know if I am one of you.

Cross my heart, this was the first post I read on pinterest after I wrote this blog. Note the pinner’s comment underneath. Happy shiver!


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