Victorian heat wave

Australians are generally well-prepared for heat, but we’ve had a hundred year record here with temps above 40C for four days in a row. For an hour this morning, paramedics were dealing with heart attack cases every six minutes. 33,000 hectares have been burning in the Grampians national park, creating a fire-made weather system of storms and lightning. The danger continues there, while in our area at the leafy edge of the Melbourne suburbs we are experiencing some relief and pottering out into the garden to inspect the (relatively minimal) damage. I warn you now, the next post will be on gardening, and how my drought-resistant garden stood up to the extremes. And polar vortex-suffers, I forgive you if you’re rubbing your hands together at the thought of 40 plus temps, but I must warn you being in the direct sun felt a bit like this…



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