pain relief

Am sitting here with a pretty sore head and neck and not taking any painkillers. This is not to brag, because this is just an average headache. Those with chronic or acute pain may feel free to just completely skip this blog – I don’t share your experience and it would be patronising of me to offer any advice. So anyway, I came to the (challenging) realisation a few years ago that blocking pain meant not taking action to address the cause. If I’d taken a painkiller earlier I may not have been so active in trying to release the tension in my neck. Since the pain is hanging around I’ve been moving my neck a lot, massaging and touching the sore spots and even moving my whole body with some Tai Chi practice. And I’m getting some short term relief. I’m thinking about whether I’ve had enough water, I’m planning to lie down and move some more rather than watch TV (or sit at the laptop too long). Once I’ve found what helps, I’ll actually understand a little more about the cause.
Do you think this is true for our mental hurts too?


4 thoughts on “pain relief

  1. I try not to take pain relief, simply because I’ve taken a lot of pills during my life and am fed up of taking them. However, I too had a headache yesterday. I drank water, took rest, but half way through the afternoon realised I had no option but to take pills.

    I think this is true for mental hurts – I’ve been on pills for stress and depression and yes, I needed them, yes they worked and no, I didn’t get addicted.

    However, I backed those pills up by doing other things : e.g. eliminating as much stress as I could from my life and when depressed forcing myself to get out of the house.


    • so true – you need to find a balance. I find that pain, mental and physical, seems to always come back after the drugs wear off. Especially since some the drugs gradually deplete your physical ability to produce your own helpful chemicals. Getting outside / doing loved activities and doing cognitive behaviour therapy – got seemingly permanent results for me. But sometimes, of course, it’s a bit of an emergency! Only we know how big our problems are and the help we need at the time.


  2. and eliminating stress from my life is also a short-term remedy as you can’t eliminate all stress. Recently I have been trying to live in the moment and do things simply because they relax me. They both work, but I feel guilty about the latter. Much practice is needed, and this is a long road I am on


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