haute erotica

I have a link to Kato’s clothing page from my blog, because I love her steampunk clothes. She also has an erotica site where she is apparently joined by a fey race of elven warrior women.

There’s nothing these ladies enjoy more than some welding and a nice cup of tea followed by some tasteful cavorting in (and without) haute couture. Enjoy the thunderous sound of my political convictions clashing with my aesthetic taste as I say that there’s something very winsome about pretty girls frolicking inappropriately together.

However, I’m much too distracted by the clothing and the décor to get lost in the erotic element. Some of you may disagree with me. I also get distracted by trying to work out which one is Kato, and which is one of her doubles. And then I think, oh my gosh, what an amazing complexion she has! (And without rancour, because I wouldn’t give up one day of traipsing around in the Australian sun with the horses, earning my freckles). And then, oh how I would love a new steampunk wardrobe from the hands of Kato!


She’s a very creative woman, manifesting her visions. Here is her site, make of it what you will!



3 thoughts on “haute erotica

  1. Ladies who weld, enjoy a cup of tea, wielding a ray gun and and tastefully inappropriate cavorting – my dear, I am most grateful for your impeccable discernment…


    • I think Kato must be mid-twenties surely, otherwise I’m just terrified by what she’s achieved with her clothing. Yes, I’d love to see her clothes on a whole range of people – I think they’d suit everyone.


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