Nosferatu and ships that pass in the night

Feeding my beloved but snotty baby to sleep tonight, while he punches my breast repeatedly (left hook, left hook, left hook), my mind is wandering, naturally, to my Nosferatu post.

I’m very fond of this post. It’s been viewed about 17,000 times (very much NOT the norm for my site) but has received comments from only four people (one of them me) and likes from two (one from my husband and one from alarmingman, who is possibly just being gallant). As I’ve noted before (or was that on facebook?), I think many are just mining the photos and some are taking what they need for high school essay questions (I pray it is high school, because if it’s university, you guys need to lift your game). Others just want Billy Corgan eye candy, apparently. No one’s come for Max Schreck eye candy yet, as far as I can tell. Though I do get some fascinating search terms sometimes…

So basically you guys out there are just using my Nosferatu post for your own nefarious ends, without giving back any love at all. I’m excluding all my followers of course, upstanding bastions of society as you are. For you others, I have to say it’s a bit like having a one-night stand and then baulking at paying for the coffees in the morning. Perhaps there is a semi-autobiographical element here. Only it was a hot chocolate, there was no one-night stand (due to the baulking), and I found myself stranded without a tram fare holding a sub-standard screenplay in my hand. Never trust a pretty boy from the College of the Arts. Golly, where did that stream of consciousness take me?

So one day, I hope my Nosferatu post will get the love it deserves. Or did it disappoint in the actual reading? Too eager to please, or too stand-offish? Perhaps all its meetings are destined to be like a ship passing in the night. Over a grainy, expressionist sea.


2 thoughts on “Nosferatu and ships that pass in the night

  1. It is strange that though I was an initial commenter I didn’t hit the like button! I did like it though, so I have given it a belated like now! Certainly a fascinating article on Nosferatu. I am in toothy pain today after dental surgery earlier this week so I may turn to fanged friends for comfort… they are always close at hand and reliable!


    • I took the liberty of reading your comment as a like, but now I feel extra special. Dental pain sounds bad. Something vampires never have to experience, I should imagine! Perfect place to take refuge.


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