it’s the year of the snake!

stone relief snake climbing stylite's column

I’m not a follower of horoscopes in general, but I like to follow my chinese horoscope because a) I identify with its description b) I like a metaphorical structure to think around c) memories of Chinese relatives giving sweets in little red envelopes at the lunar new year (e.g. early positive reinforcement).

 Snakes are apparently forward-planning, relaxed and self-confident. They think strategically, love aesthetics, trust in their luck and intuition, and they read people and situations carefully. This sounds somewhat like me. Rather flattering really, until I consider that these characteristics, taken to extremes could describe a procrastinating, lazy, conceited, cunning, decadent, mistrustful control freak.


I comfort myself with the claim: ‘Most people are secretly or hopelessly in love with Snakes’. (Gosh, most people?). Yet I remind myself that just about everyone in my year of high school was born in the same year, and yet there was such a range of personalities. And levels of charisma, let’s face it. And were we all secretly in love with each other? Or was that just high school? 

Anyway I like to think it’s my year, though technically I’m a fire snake and not a water snake. Let’s all slough off the parts of ourselves that don’t serve us, and enjoy our shimmering new skins.

Happy year of the black water snake. If you’re down with the snake vibe, enjoy. Otherwise, apparently monkey pendants help.


2 thoughts on “it’s the year of the snake!

  1. If you get into Chinese astrology you’ll find it’s more complicated than what year you were born in, rather like the sun signs in the paper are just dumbed-down astrology that bears little relationship to the real stuff


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