versatile blogger award

Thank you to ‘a human being residing in upstate New York’ for sharing the Versatile Blogger Award with me. You made my day! I’m going to take you at your word and interpret it as I want. So rather than sending on the award, I’m going to just mention some people I follow and enjoy reading. Perhaps you’ll enjoy them too?

David Kanigan blogs regularly and puts a smile on my face with his honesty about the struggles of daily life, his sweet GIFs and his thoughtful offerings. He’s been very sweet in sharing my blog too, but that’s just the icing on the cake. His blog also reminds me of my husband’s, so I’m particularly fond of it.

The Boy with the Hat writes short fiction (and long). He’s a mysterious boy and sometimes I wonder if he’s too clever for his own hat but most of the time I just enjoy that he’s there and regularly sharing his little Maupassant-esque gems with us. His comment sections always bring a smile too.

Zoe at Butterflies and Roses writes about her life with her beautiful baby and her strong belief in Christ, which, though I don’t share, I do admire and wonder at. Wonder at the spirit of surrender to the will of a greater being who loves and protects in sometimes deeply mysterious ways. I think we all appreciate when people share their daily lives with us, their own mix of the spiritual and the everyday. We know we’re not alone:

And since this is a Gothic Fiction blog I’m going to share Mari Sanchez Cayuso’s poetry. Wider than the Gothic, yes, but touching on the same themes with intensity, honesty and startling images:

Still not enough new acquaintances? Here’s an earlier post on three bloggers I enjoy, a photographer and writer, a sculptor and a poet:


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