a lucid dream

If you follow this blog you would know that I’ve been trying to lucid dream again (in a somewhat half-assed manner). I was hoping that just by trying to remember my dreams, I might eventually trigger the lucid state. Couldn’t be bothered with a journal or any other recommended technique. So you’ll be happy to know that a lucid dream was had last night, and here it is:

I’m walking down long corridors in huge school building, on a tour led by a teacher, with primary school children around me. We keep going back to earlier corridors of the school, the corridors getting more subterranean and dim as we go. We reach a hall with 976 AD written on it and I’m feeling a little surprised that an Australian school goes back that far. So we enter a big hall, like a church, and the children (they’re a bit malevolent actually) all point to a picture at the end of the hall with my name written on it. It’s me as something between a saint and a cleaner and I note it has my death date on it (I’m sensing the children are enjoying the thought of my fear at this). Only it says 1994 and I’m a little suspicious. Then I notice that my date of birth says 1980, and that’s also wrong. I fling my arms out (I’m not kidding here) and say, joyfully, ‘I’m having a lucid dream!’

Immediately the children (in a circle around me) and the teacher all fall down like puppets with their strings cut. I’m startled but not to be put off. I go up to the teacher (lying there as if she’s fainted) and say, ‘What’s this dream about?’ No answer. I look over a parapet and see another huge hall below with another teacher sitting at a long table of students. I want to go down and question him and I consider flying but I’m too nervous to step off the edge, even though I know it’s a dream. The students and teacher that fell have recovered and are crowding around me, not wanting me to go down. I say, ‘Maybe I could throw some children down to break my fall,’ and they all look unsettled. I say, ‘I’m only joking!’ (lol)

And then I woke up.

The funny thing that I notice about lucid dreaming is that dream characters often seem less than helpful. Perhaps I’m hiding something from myself…

An earlier post with a link to tips on lucid dreaming, including counting-related clues that you’re dreaming: https://opheliasfiction.wordpress.com/2012/12/29/a-lucid-dream/


5 thoughts on “a lucid dream

    • I guess if someone had witnessed my whole life and then was able to step back from it and be analytical, they might be able to tell me with startling accuracy. Seems to be about searching for something in the past and coming up against gatekeepers.


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