gothic tropes in my novel – let me count the ways

woman lying on a bed haunted by a nightmareEnjoyed reading through some gothic tropes at tvtropes. This site is addictive. I couldn’t help but note the ones I’ve used in Indigo (italicised below with some highlights linked, you can’t expect I’d link to every single one? Do I have no life? Oh, hang on).

I’m thinking Ingénue meets Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette? But hang on, Indigo isn’t eerie and Ani, well is she an ingénue? Is the follower a Stalker With a Crush? I definitely have Possession, Ghost Story, Psychic Powers and Haunted House but instead of the Dark and Stormy Night I opted for an oppressive Melbourne summer. I could make an argument that Indigo and Dylan are playing out a Romanticism v Enlightenment struggle. I certainly have The Power of Love. Awww.

Watch for the sequel, currently making it’s way from my brain to the keyboard in rather the style of a tortured Byronic Hero. Here we have Love at First Sight, Ghosts, Demons, All Girls Want Bad Boys, Vampires, Villainous Crushes, and Supernatural Aid.

Next time I write a gothic novel remind me to include an Evil Tower of Ominousness, because that sounds like fun, Malevolent Architecture and perhaps some rampant Necromancers partaking in Ominous Latin Chanting. My only university lecture was on necromancy in the ancient world after all. So I must be some kind of specialist, right? I’ll leave you on that mysterious note.

Links infused with evilness:

My free gothic fiction novel Indigo. Maybe you’ve already read it and have found some lurking gothic tropes I left out of this blog?

Under Evil is Sexy Tvtropes notes that “Evil in general is presented as something that is physically enticing. (In American film, this is probably related to that period way back when only evil was allowed to be sexy …)” wished I’d had this quote for Why Villains Are Our Heroes.


3 thoughts on “gothic tropes in my novel – let me count the ways

  1. tvtropes is a wonderful timesuck. Just today I closed a tvtropes tab about time travel that I had left open on my computer for days. I didn’t have the time that I knew I would end up spending if I chose to delve into the endless hyperlinks about time travel. I still really want to go back to that link…


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