to thine own self be true


a fairytale princess rides a horse through a forest at night

My painting of Elsa, my warrior princess alter ego. Getting in touch with my inner child.

If your life was a fairy tale, who would you be? Damsel in distress? Knight errant? Valkyrie? Big Bad Wolf?

But who would you like to be, if you could choose?


7 thoughts on “to thine own self be true

  1. I always wanted to be the heroine in The Children of Lir by Lloyd Alexander. There are some girls in fairy tales who do kick ass, but you have to look hard to find them, like Thalmar in Sorche Nic Leodas’ book “Claymore and Kilt” who helps the hero kill the wicked king, but does not take part in the battle because she cannot lift the sword


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