three blogs I follow and why

Call me old-fashioned but I like to follow blogs because I’m interested in them, not just because they’re following me! I’m already drowning in posts to read but there are so many interesting people in the world. Here are three of them. Perhaps you will like them too.

I. Mimo not only takes glorious photos (they really are lovely), she also writes uplifting words to accompany them:

“Have you ever been so in love that you wanted to shout it to the whole world and scribble it on every surface, carve it on every tree and note it in every diary? Isn’t it the greatest gift of all to feel that at least once in your life?”

(Yes, Mimo! It is!)

II. Being a horse-focused artist (in my other blog life) I was really entranced with Eoghan’s sculptures of people lifting horses – so moving, although he is heading in new directions with his work. He writes very honestly about being an artist. Honesty is everything online as in daily life:

“I haven’t been making sculpture for nearly 30 to years to be trapped into a life of mediocrity where I just become a part of commodified art in a capitalist world, no I chose art so that I had a shot at being free to live my own life.”

III. I’m not just following him because he’s called alarmingman, really. He writes haiku and they’re like a little bright flash in my inbox. I’d love to write a haiku to express that, but I just don’t have the patience.

(from Park 5)

“This quiet park

has secrets known only to

the homeless”

know of anyone else I should follow?

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