good reviews bad reviews

While I would never resort to sock puppetry, I do enjoy a good review. I’m quite hard on my own work sometimes so it’s refreshing to get feedback from happy readers. I also read the not-so-good-reviews, and I may or may not take their thoughts on board, depending on how humble or magnanimous I’m feeling and (also) on how silly the review is. Sometimes they’re uncomfortably accurate. Not always.

I’ve long been a fan of keeping positive feedback. I kept my positive rejection letters for my YA fantasy story (maybe that one can be next on Smashwords – after the Indigo sequel, that is). Yes, positive rejection letters. Talk about looking on the bright side. If you know you’re hard on yourself it can help to have a little collection of evidence to whip out at the crucial moment – a little chorus of yay-sayers.

My favourite review of Indigo? The reader said ‘thank you Ophelia’. Awww. No, thank you for taking the time to read it and for taking the time to write a kind review. Reviewing readers are the life blood of the indie book world.


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