despairing writers

“I’m always like: If you want to write, you have to try! And: Keep going! And: Rah-rah-rah! And my enthusiasm for everyone else is made up of this bright, garishly happy light, this HOPE, this honest hope that they’ll make it. This woman at my old job now getting her first novel published, yay! My friend with her awesome new story, hurrah! Some girl I know who walked home with me and randomly said she was going to start her book that night because I am so incredibly inspiring, go for it!

For myself, I’ve got nothin’.”

It is so sweet seeing this 2007 post beside the covers of this writer’s new books:


2 thoughts on “despairing writers

  1. Maybe you just need to take a holiday from writing and read some good books instead. Your blog has good writing in it, which is why I follow it, so to me there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get published.

    I do think that being published is a bit of a lottery. I’ve heard stories of books where the company weren’t going to publish it but someone’s secretary/child said that they must publish it and it became a best-seller.

    I don’t know about you; but I am, therefore I write. I would like to be paid for it, but to be honest I’ll do it even if I don’t.


    • oops, sorry, that was a quote from another writer. I’m with you – writing is a joy in itself. Thank you for your kind words re my writing!


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