Donna Tartt typo

Looks like Donna Tartt does what the rest of us do. Or was her copyeditor just having a mental ellipsis?

By the way, how much did you LOVE The Secret History? Am talking Donna Tartt here, not the equally riveting Procopius. And if you haven’t read it yet, why not?? Perhaps it was just because I was studying Classics at the time and chose to be entranced by the concept of conversing in Greek rather than deeply threatened. Best crime novel ever. According to me.

‘,’ was what all my friends said about it. High praise.



2 thoughts on “Donna Tartt typo

  1. I love ‘The Secret History’ too… Henry got it for me when I was recuperating from shoulder surgery. That, Keroac’s ‘On the Road’ and Haruki Murakami’s ‘After Dark’, so I associate all three together. What a combination.
    And, I know it’s set in the US, but recently I visited Goldsmiths uni in London and it reminded me of ‘The Secret History’ because it has cottages on campus where many of the classes are taught. And then I wished (momentarily, anyway) that I could transfer there.


  2. I was momentarily confused when you said ‘Henry got it for me’! I haven’t read After Dark yet. I’m going through a missing uni phase, but I know if I go back I’ll get over it instantaneously.


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