For twenty days on my art blog I am celebrating imperfection. The dreaded quick sketch. Dreaded only because I am sharing them with the world. Not so with my writing. I am working on the Indigo sequel. I’m closer to the end now and I wish I could say I was powering through, churning it out etc. But no. Am rereading. Changing the odd word here and there. Playing with ideas and day dreaming. Trying to perfect knowing full well that even if I could get it perfect for myself, it would still never be perfect for anyone else. Tinkering. Can’t stop.


3 thoughts on “Perfect?

  1. If I’m happy with my writing after all the read-throughs, then I think it’s the best I can do and am happy with it. Sure, I may be able to do better later, but there’s always room for improvement and I think that we can spend too much time chasing an elusive perfectness


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