marking the moment


My life is still largely free of reading and editing at the moment. I’ve slipped in a little writing on the Indigo sequel but it’s becoming so huge I really need to print it out to get a feel of it. On the reading front, I have started reading Keat’s Endymion to my eight-month-old. He’s been shaking his maraca in all the right places (‘a thing of beauty is a joy forever’ SHAKE! SHAKE!). I also heard my husband reading selections of the Iliad to him. Apparently babies like rhythm, so poetry is good. Plus he doesn’t understand too many words yet, so we might as well read him things we  actually like before he starts to request his own books over and over again (‘That’s not my pony! Its mane is too fluffy!’).

The maraca shaking reminded me of when I was a student and would obsessively highlight my readers. Anything of interest would be put into fluoro yellow. A friend of mine used to underline (in pencil) turns of phrase she liked in her novels. Do you have a way of marking special moments in prose or poetry? These days I just tend to pause, gaze into the distance in a satisfied way, re-read the line and then continue. It’s more subtle than fluoro yellow. And yet I like the maracas idea…


3 thoughts on “marking the moment

  1. its delightful… the way you write, and speak through the keys. Takes me back to reading with Ben. Mmm I miss that, much, Now that he is taller than me – at only 12 – and spends days and days reading Matthew Riley. He so used to love… “thats not my puppy his hair is to fluffy”. And “Who sank the boat” and “Zachary Quack” etc… They create so much excitement so simply, in so few words.
    Susie 🙂


    • I loved being read to. He might not be too old – I read The Lord of the Rings to my husband. It was a lovely experience. I guess teenage boys might not appreciate the babying association!


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