blog post envy and gravitas

I just got blog post envy. My husband just announced he’d thought of a post and is typing away energetically. I have no idea what to post and am really just filling in time before watching Game of Thrones. Waiting for an awesome flash of inspiration.

So in the mean time just let me say that I am way behind everyone else in watching Game of Thrones, just at the third episode and my first impression is that Peter Dinklage as Tyrion is awesome.

peter dinklage as Tyrion

That guy has gravitas (even when his character is in the midst of comical debauchery). And true gravitas is something rather hard to find these days amongst the community of actors. The thespians of the past seemed to have it in spades and thus are called in when a bit of dignity and depth are required (e.g. an ageing monarch). I’m struggling to think of many younger actors. Please let me know your suggestions. Sean Bean, Cate Blanchett and Viggo Mortensen leap to mind, while we’re in the realms of high fantasy. And lets face it, you need some presence to convincingly pull off high fantasy. It’s easy to look deeply silly. As just about everyone did in Troy. Yes, even Peter O’Toole couldn’t save that sinking ship.

Of course, another thing gravitas is great for is comedy. Enjoy as Sir Ian Mckellen explains the secret art of the actor.



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