My serial fiction ‘Indigo’ is now available at Smashwords

Dear readers and random Searchers,
Indigo is now available (still free) on Smashwords for reading in all sorts of devices. You can still get it as a pretty PDF by going to the Indigo page at this blog. So if you feel like a paranormal fiction novella for your e-reading device, you know just where to go:

If you go straight to my page you can avoid all the erotica and self-help rants … my story is entirely free from both. There might be some kissing though. Just giving you fair warning. Oh, I know, there’s lots of good stuff on Smashwords. It’s just a matter of finding it.

As you’re all my close personal friends I’d love to hear if you have any feedback on the readability on your particular device. I’ve tried to stick very closely to the Smashwords style guide. Also, any reviews will be very favourably looked upon, even if they’re lukewarm. It’s easy to sink voicelessly into the mysterious depths on a site like Smashwords.

Sharing my writing with an audience has always been one of my goals, so a big thanks to those who have taken the time to read my work! A story isn’t complete until a reader brings it to life.



3 thoughts on “My serial fiction ‘Indigo’ is now available at Smashwords

  1. I read your Indigo and it was an addicting read. (Fiction is one place where addiction is good!). The story was compelling and suitable for film (like why doesn’t Sci Fi think of something like that)? Loved it, thank you for writing and sharing it.


    • Thank you so much and sorry for the delayed reply. It means a great deal to me when people take the time to share their thoughts on Indigo. The nature of online fiction sometimes means you can feel as if you are writing to the void! I am working on the second instalment of the story – should be much longer and is designed to be read as a whole. That whole posting chapter by chapter approach was pretty gruelling!


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