new year’s resolutions

How are those New Year’s Resolutions going?

I put ‘resolutions’ in caps because that’s how they feel. Like big Pronouncements from on High. This year I Shall … Or, I’m Giving Up [insert substance]. Okay, that’s enough of the caps. How many resolutions do we keep? Make them specific and set goals. That’s what the experts say. Perhaps if you’re a writer you could commit to doing 250 words a day? (said in tones of innocent encouragement). That’s not much. Just write any old thing, it’s easy. NO, IT’S NOT EASY. It’s not how my brain works. The whole idea is just bleh. If you’re a writer who can do that, well good on you. I suspect more time writing would just translate to a big nothing much – much like these amusing treadmill cats. Only less amusing.

In fact specific resolutions strike me as a big bag of no fun. This year, instead of a particular resolution, my husband and I came up with a theme for the year. Perseverance. Brick by brick. (By the way, I got that quote from Seabiscuit. An emperor said it apparently, but I have no idea what the original source is – would love to.) So I guess whenever one of us is complaining (no one’s accepting this article, I can’t write good anymore, I’m too busy to blog/write a novel/contribute to the world) the other can just nod sagely and say, ‘brick by brick, brick by brick’.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


2 thoughts on “new year’s resolutions

  1. Good luck with that. I find setting goals are better than setting resolutions. With writing, what worked was finding what motivates me to write. I found I write when I’m bored. So often I sit in boring meetings thinking about what I’m writing, especially when the subject is nothing to do with us admin.


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