virtual school reunion

Don’t you just hate it when the people you went to school / high school with actually get off their arses and do awesome things? You start to feel a little lazy … even if you were feeling that you’d done quite a lot actually.

So here are some wonderful things (am sticking with the artistic realm). These are musical / visual, but I still think they belong on a fiction site. It’s all about communicating what would otherwise be hidden. That’s my incredibly broad definition anyway.

By the way, if I went to school with you and you’ve done something great on the artistic front, but you’re not on this post – you should probably just put it down to me being a bit vague and link to it here anyway.

I know it’s hard to be bothered clicking on links to people you don’t know. But it’s often worth it! You know you want to!

I can’t say I know Tom Spender now but I do remember being pretty vexed that he got to play saxophone at primary school, while I was relegated to flute due to the fact that flutes were oddly in great abundance. I will say no more for fear of offending flautists… So I thought both these songs by ‘Spender’ were great: . Tom’s site is at:

I can’t believe we did music together… Yes. Flute. And yes. Band camp. Tamara Murphy has become an amazing bass player and remained a gorgeous person. Not that I’m suggesting accomplished bass players tend to be evil, or anything. You can hear her right here: and visit her site here:

So, we weren’t great friends of yore, but I think we both appreciated the alternative side of life, for lack of a better description. Ben Montero is a muso too, and has put up some wonderful links to his illustrations/animations for video clips. These made me feel particularly lazy because (correct me if wrong) it looks like a bloody lot of work for such a seamless result:

Great photos by Drew Echberg, who has the distinguished position of being the brother of one of my dearest friends as well as being an actual person in his own right… He kindly took on a commission for my wedding photos, long ago, and they were sooo beautiful. More recently he’s been making intrepid journeys overseas and taking some really striking pictures:

It can be hard to be an artist and actually get your work out there. I don’t mean starving to death hard (hopefully). But hard in the sense that you have to back yourself and keep the energy going in your own projects. So I’m pausing to admire the artists I know.

And now I’m having a nap.




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