I’m still making time for writing …

There’s been a jolly long break between posts. I’ve been doing a lot of work on my next novel. I’m at what you might call the ‘substantive’ editing phase which, to me, means that I’ve still got quite a way to go. I’m looking at the over all shape of the story, the balance of dialogue and description and all the little typos that creep in over time …

I really love this phase of the process. It’s a very creative time. The characters gain more solidity and clearer story arcs and the plot becomes tighter. There’s a lot of a-ha! moments. It’s similar to the point when you step back from your painting and suddenly see everything in context and realise where balance is missing. It’s at this point that you have greater clarity on your work and you can stop yourself veering off track on long digressions.

Of course, writing is not the only thing I’ve been doing. I’m winding back at work as I go into my third trimester of pregnancy (and hence the urgency of my novel-writing!). This means finishing some large tasks. One I can tick off is marking sixty exams for the uni course I was teaching. I think you can see the relief in my face!

So here’s to all the multi-tasking writers. Don’t forget to put a priority on your writing time because if you don’t, who will??



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