who’s the storyteller?

photo by James Stratford

Who is the storyteller? Is it me – sitting, typing away, creating an imaginary world? Or am I just providing the scaffolding on which the reader builds their own imaginary space, full of images from their minds, the characters that keep reappearing in their heads? It seems like the focus on the author takes away from the collaborative nature of writing. As soon as you let your words go and send them out into the world, you give away the creative process. It’s amazing how such a isolated practice (writing) creates such an intimate connection. I can never create a story on my own. Readers always have the final word.


One thought on “who’s the storyteller?

  1. Indeed. The trick is “not” writing every single detail to allow the reader room to fill in the blanks. My readers have taught me a thing or two about my own writing, more than once!


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