the joys of overcoming anxiety

I’ve just done a guest post over at Beyond the Call on overcoming anxiety / panic attacks and the wonderful benefits to me as an author / visual artist. If you (or even someone you know) has had challenges with fear you might really enjoy it! I’m so proud of the site James has put together at Beyond the Call – the positive feedback he’s getting is really wonderful.


2 thoughts on “the joys of overcoming anxiety

  1. Count me as one of the interested. I have huge anxiety problems and would really love to learn to overcome it without medication (many people keep telling me to bite the bullet and get on meds already).


  2. I hope you popped over to Beyond the Call then! Meds are great in emergencies, but reading about people trying to get off long-term use has given me the heebie-jeebies! I guess we all have to decide what’s right for us as individuals though. I thought CBT was awesome, though I had to repeat it a few times before it sank in…


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