support for writers

This is a very quick post with just a little reminder in it. If you’re a writer you need to support yourself emotionally. You can’t expect anyone else to do it for you (though we love when they step in). As writers we don’t tend to have too much spare time. We’re working, we might have families, and we’re stuffing all the little gaps in our lives with writing or thinking that we should be writing. This is true for artists too, and anyone who has a passion that doesn’t happen to be paying their bills. I’m not going to tell you what support you need, as everyone is different. But you probably already know what it is.

I do some little, silly things that I know will make me smile. For example, I subscribed to Notes from the Universe. The Universe sends me little messages each day. Mostly about how awesome I am and how excited it is about me. Okay, I know it’s not really the ‘Universe’ (whatever that might be) but it always makes me smile. You might feel like a dork, but affirmations can really freshen up your brain. At the least they’ll give you a bit of a laugh. And I don’t mind getting low-key advertising from these chaps, because they do such a good job.

Notes from the Universe might not be for you, but maybe there’s something similar you can do – even leave some little funny notes around the house to support you in your writing struggles. Sometimes I just search for #amwriting from my TweetDeck and suddenly I am inundated with writers from around the world, all celebrating, struggling, or slipping in a mini writing session in between getting back from work and putting the kids to bed. A community that reminds us we’re not alone. This is even more important if other people are questioning why you are prioritising writing over things they may feel are more important. You know what’s important and all you have to do is keep backing yourself!

Though folks never suspect this in their times of crises, Ophelia, no one is ever more than a few wispy thoughts away from a rebound, breakthrough, or blazing new trails with friends, in love. 

Burn rubber on me,

 The Universe


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