my novel now available as one download

Wanted to read Indigo, but just couldn’t face all those fatiguing clicks? I’ve taken it out of its serial form and it is now one pdf. It’s fast-paced, it’s creepy and it’s free! Just head to the Indigo page.

Following is an extract from Indigo:

When I said they’d rather run from a fight, I wasn’t talking about ghosts. Perhaps that didn’t even occur to you. But just in case it did I want to say, for the record, I have absolutely no skills or understanding when it comes to ghosts. Of course, I’ve had as much experience with creepy houses as the next person. Like the share house in Canning Street where I always found my clothes thrown onto the floor each morning. Or the bed in the spare room of my Park Street house. It wasn’t ever used but the sheets were always getting twisted up – you’d swear in the shape of a sleeping child.

Even in my current house there were what I liked to call Unexplained Happenings. It was a grand old Victorian place, gone shabby over the decades, and the whole ground floor was blocked up. I got in through an outer stairway at the back, where they’d knocked in a door at the second floor. The creepiest place was the inner stairs that went up to the highest level. That’s where you could normally have gone down to the first floor too, if they weren’t all blocked up with panels. I heard things all the time on that hidden stairway. Mostly these noises were just below the range of real hearing. But often it was the almost imperceptible, quick melodic sound (boomp-boomp-boomp) of an animal’s feet ascending the hollow wood. I guess we had a feral cat living down there. But it made the back of my neck creep every time I heard it. Let’s just say I’m no specialist on hauntings and I never want to be. That’s Dylan’s thing and he’s welcome to it. My area was a little different. More practical, you might say.

Have you ever passed someone on the street, met someone at a party, who just gave you the creeps for no reason? Granted, some of them are just creepy people. But you should be aware that some of them aren’t people at all.


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