falling in love (with your fictional characters)

If you’re a writer in love with your characters, should you join a support group or celebrate your newfound inspiration?

I vote celebrate. And the same goes for falling in love with other people’s characters. But opinions vary…


“Fall in love with your characters” is not a cliche. It’s a screenwriting necessity.


If you want to create characters who are dynamic and real, keep your distance from them.


Help, I’m falling in love with a character in my book!



8 thoughts on “falling in love (with your fictional characters)

  1. It occurred to me that carol’s assuming we treat our character’s well when we fall in love with them. But I like being mean to my characters. It gives them something to do.


  2. it’s nice to be mean to the protags and nice to the antags… keeps everything interesting. if you can get your readers to root for a killer, even for a moment, you’ve done your job


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