The art of tweeting?

I’ve been trawling through a plethora of pages on the art of tweeting.

It appears that in order to be a good twittizen of twitterdom we should ask ‘is that tweetable?’ or is it better left untweeted?

Then we need to consider the quality of the words chosen, refining our message down and down to something like a Japanese haiku. In fact many twitterers are now tweeting in haiku form.

But I’d like to say a word in defense of random tweets. Random tweets are like snatches of conversation heard on the train. They are often intriguing and at the very least remind us that we are not alone in our boredom / frustration / desire for a slab of dark chocolate.

Perhaps one day we will all be publishing our random tweets as memoirs that we can lovingly pass down from generation to generation (thus blessing our great, great grandchildren with the knowledge that on 2:15pm Tuesday, June 9, 2009 their ancestor was longing for a latte and the latest Vogue).

I’m certainly looking forward to the Collected Tweets of the Dalai Lama (complete and unabridged). His Holiness is a lovely tweeter. In the meantime we can be enlightened by James Bridle’s ‘My Life in Tweets’.

‘my life in tweets’ by James Bridle:

how to tweet less:

feed of haiku tweets:


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