Feeling rejected?

Feeling rejected? It’s a part of any author’s life. In the past you might have dipped into the alarming pages of the rejection collection, an anthology of rejection letters from around the world. After all, there is a time for wallowing. Plus there’s much to enjoy here, and you may find yourself laughing rather a lot:

‘Dear Author, I liked your letter, but I’m dead [word dead crossed out] retired.’

Sometimes it’s the rejected authors’ bathetic responses to the letters that are truly alarming. But in the end, does anyone really feel inspired and ready to write again after reading an endless procession of rejections?

Thankfully Catherine Wald, the site’s owner, seems to have given this some thought and now brings us the ‘rewards of rejection’, and the ‘celebrity corner’ (where we can be reassured by the harsh rejections experienced by well-known authors). Phew, light at the end of the tunnel!

Visit the rejection collection [note from the future me of 2011 – the rejection collection appears to have vanished]


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